Love The Game And Love The League Mode Most – Madden Mobile Has Many Things To Offer

As a fan of mobile games, I usually prefer to download those that have speed and can offer me complete entertainment in terms of versatility and unique gameplay. I always find Madden Mobile as one of them. The game has many modes that help me to avoid the boredom of playing in the same format for months. Moreover, the game gives to achieve something bigger so that I can reach the next modes and that makes me more energetic while playing the game. It seems that EA keeps the choices of all types of players in mind while setting the game modes for this game. My personal preference among them is the league mode where I can get the chance to interact with the other players. Apart from that, there are various other features of this mode that make me feel thrilled about the same.

There is a head-to-head match through which players can face each other to get bragging rights. A league will participate as a team in a League Tournament which offers me the fun, excitement, and adventure of football; my favorite real-life game. In this tournament, all the participants get equal chance to prove their excellence and that I love most. Each player can get three drives so that they can score more to beat the opponent.

When my team wins the tournament, then I can have three league vs. league collectibles and also as usual some madden mobile coins. I can use these collectibles in the next league vs. league set. Now, this is the point which I love most. I can earn guaranteed couple of gold players, silver players, and one league master collectible through that league vs. league set. Isn’t it awesome! Oh; wait this is not the end. I can also get other league achievements in categories that are known as rushing, passing and season. These categories always unlock a 99 overall Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, and Devin Hester in respective order.

Apart from the league, my second favorite is, of course, live events. The game offers two daily events that are known as Scrimmage and Daily Warmup. Whenever I participate and win Scrimmage, I can earn a random Scrimmage set of players as well as a single gameplan set collectible. These daily gameplan set collectibles are useful for the Weekly gameplan set. I love this idea because Scrimmage happens more than one per day and I can participate more than once daily.

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As I love Madden Mobile most, I am eagerly waiting for the latest version on my Smartphone. I am sure that this latest version will be able to offer me the same, even more fun and enjoyment in the league section as well as the other parts of the game. I heard that EA wants to make it more fascinating this time with some new features so that the thrill of an online game can be best experienced in this version by the players. As a user of this game, my experience so far with the same is nice, and I hope that it will be more excellent with the passing course of time.

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