Simcity Buildit Knows How To Attract Players

In every city, tourism depends on the how attractive the city is or how many places there are to visit in the city. SimCity Buildit has similar options. I had to turn these options by going to the specialization section. Service icon present on towards the lower right-hand side of your screen lists the specializations.  I just had to tap on it to check its coverage across the residential zone. In the menu, I could select any specialization depending on its effect on the city.

To build specialization building, all I had to do was decide on the building select and drag it onto the map.  These buildings need to be placed alongside a road. When I had to move those buildings, I would just drag them to some other spot again. In a case of emptying the plot, the buildings can be bulldozed. Some game cash is refunded on razing the building.  I only got refunds one the buildings I bought with coins and not golden keys. A specialization building on being bulldozed should not be replaced. It hampers the population boost. Creating a specialization is building is similar to creating a natural building. There are some clever guys who shared simcity build it cheats which can be used in the game to make this game more easy and interesting.


There are various types of specialization property. Creation of parks in the city provides the city with fresh air. The residential areas that could access my parks were marked in green. Parks offer some level of freshness as well relaxation activity for the citizens. Gambling is another option for recreation. SimCity has some of the most world-class casinos. The citizen’s happiness meter rise on getting to gamble. I also built stadiums, and performance venues and hotels so that my citizens have no lack in getting themselves entertained. More the entertainment options, better are the chances of making the people happy.

I put in an array of landmarks to attract tourists to my city. These include leaning tower of Pisa, big Ben and department of culture. More tourist spots will also mean more revenues. Building more educational institute will increase the level of security for the city. The educational institute also reduces the crime rates. Maintaining proper transportation in the city is necessary. I have also set up transportation buildings and airport. Transportation buildings are hubs to cabs and buses.  Airport is also a viable option for travel and transport. I also built areas for cargo ships, though not directly involved in transport. It accomplishes the demand for trade and transports both.

I tried building the city on the slot. The advantage of a slot is that it does not keep any empty any empty store running. I also noticed that the more items I queued up, lesser the items were in my inventory. Stores take a longer time to build an item as compared to factories. Extra slots at the end just cost four SimCash.  I took advantage of the opportunity and bought some slots. I could fulfill and complete them later,  per convenience. Acquiring of slots at low prices helped me save land for my future setting up of buildings, specialization as well as standard set ups.


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